Buildup (typically seen in DOD printing) occurs when ink dries on the nozzle or a combination of ink loose surface fibers adhere to the nozzle.  This causes a gap between the nozzle and substrate to be filled with an accretion of semi-dried ink.  As this accretion grows, it comes in contact with the substrate, creating a smear on the surface. 

Brand M’s Diagnostic Process:  This problem, seen as either a continuous or semi-continuous smear on the print surface occurring immediately after the substrate passes a print head, is solved in two ways. The first way is by scheduling appropriately-spaced preventative maintenance stoppages.  The second way, which illustrates how Brand M can help you, is by formulating an ink that meets the drying time requirements that you have. It is also improving both your restartability and reducing the rate at which buildup occurs.  In many cases we are able to formulate an ink that does not build up.