Adhesion is the ability for an ink to preferentially (both mechanically and/or chemically) bond to the substrate.  The ability of an ink to adhere to a substrate is a function of: the surface energy of the substrate, its porosity and the desired operating environment. 

Examples of hard to adhere to substrates are plastic films – especially those with high glass transition points or low melting points – for water-based inks. This is mainly because of their low porosity and low surface energy.  It’s also difficult for the ink to adhere in applications that require: good water, chemical fastness, or low temperature abrasion resistance.

Brand M’s Diagnostic Process:  Poor adhesion is generally easy to diagnose.  If the substrate is rubbed or wrinkled and the ink either flakes smears, there is an adhesion problem.  With problems like this, Brand M will formulate an ink with the appropriate combination of resins and other materials that will match the surface energy of your substrate, while providing the running characteristics that you require.